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Macronutrient Calculation and Meal Plans

Macronutrient Calculation and Meal Plans

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Muscle gain meals plans and weight loss meal plans... if you've heard "not all calories were created equal" its true. Over the years we have seen plenty of people hit their calories and still not gain the muscle they want or loose the fat they want. Why? They are consuming the wrong caloric sources. 

Even then, if you get these things right, what do the meals look like on paper? 

We will deliver:
-Your BMI & Total Calories
-Your Macronutrient Ratios
-2 Snacks and 3 Meals to get you on your way.
-One-off or 12 Week packs available to get you on your way or offer ongoing support. 

Training hard isn't enough, you need the fuel to back it up. Be sure its the right kind.

*Pages in the example bellow have been taken from one of our clients entering his weight loss phase. No two peoples plans look the same and quantities included in example shots may not be right for you.
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